LearningWebDesign.net is the domain and server I have setup for use in my web design and development classes.  It is a way for us to publish the work we do in class so that you can see it in a real, online environment.  And as a bonus, you can show it to your friends and family from anywhere in the world!

FTP Connection instructions:

Server name: learningwebdesign.net
FTP Address: ftp.learningwebdesign.net
FTP Username: firstinitiallastname@learningwebdesign.net (e.g., jjarc)
FTP Password: will be assigned to you.
Initial Directory: leave blank
FTP & explicit FTPS port: 21

Here’s what your settings should look like in Dreamweaver’s Site management. Obviously replace my information (jjarc)with your own.

We will do this together in class so that we can troubleshoot any connection errors.

Click here to read more about setting up “Sites” in Dreamweaver.