Cross Campus Curriculum

As a part of my constantly evolving pedagogy, I have been actively involved with several incredible projects with students, campus partners, and other faculty. The experiences have led me and some colleagues to develop the concept of “cross-campus curriculum.” We have developed in implementation guide, and we are currently in the process of piloting several new instructional concepts.

Check out the implementation guide here!

What is CCC?

Cross-campus curriculum has a goal of increasing student engagement, awareness and a focus on innovative teaching, through a partnership with campus departments and academic programs. By strategically partnering campus departments with student groups (classes), this initiative gives students real-world experience managing a project, working with clients, conducting research, using industry-standard hardware and software, and presenting their final deliverables to their clients.

Project-based learning excites students and teachers by:

  • Showing how academic and technical education and skills are applied in the “real world.”
  • Allowing students to test their ideas with the support of faculty and staff who push them to excel.
  • Using curriculum built around project work.
  • Proving opportunities for students to mold their own experience/learning by being a part of tangible, open-ended problems faced in the “real-world.”
  • Practicing skills and abilities that will position them for the workforce upon graduation.

This approach builds on the well-established project-based learning philosophy, and also includes several community-focused aspects of “service learning.” The unique promise of the cross-campus curriculum (CCC) approach is that it explicitly creates a contemporary organizational ethos in which project facilitators and sponsors model skills like collaboration, decentralized leadership, empathy, and efficiency. This CCC “culture” is transmitted through process methodologies such as Lean and Agile project management, along with a core focus on the design sprint.

Curious about taking on a CCC project yourself? The Implementation Guide has much more… View the implementation guide here!

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