DMD 120 Grade Simulator

If you want to know how you’re doing in the course, the best way to do so is through the Moodle Gradebook. That will show your grades for all assignments that I have provided feedback on. It will calculate your final course grade where you are at the moment, excluding projects you have not turned in.

But, what if you want to check some “What If” scores? Concerned about reaching a certain grade? Need to know what you need to get to pass the class? Try the grade simulator tool below. Simply list the points you have earned (or want to earn) in the “Your Score” column, and the spreadsheet will do the rest!

**You must fill in all the green boxes to get an accurate final score.

This document is available to the public, so please do not put your name or and personally identifiable information on it.  Also, someone else may change the values of this document for their own purposes.  If you want to track your score on your own computer, you can download the original document HERE and save it on your hard drive OR click here to save a copy to your Google Drive (must be signed in to your Google account)1

1 Shout out to Amit Agarwal for the great advice on modifying/appending parameters to the Google URLs. Great tips in this article.