Dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety – For Students

Public speaking anxiety is a problem for many people in the world.  One of the most important things to recognize is that you’re not alone!  We all experience some form of nervousness, anxiety, or apprehension when approaching a public speaking situation – even seasoned professionals admit to getting “butterflies” from time to time before a speech… So how can you begin to manage your fears and get through that important speech or class presentation? 

Here are a few tips that I can offer… I’ll be adding many more soon, please check back!

1. Practice, Practice, Practice!
2. Get feedback from friends, peers, or your instructor.
3. Select a topic that you know about and are passionate about.
4. Find a friendly face in the room to connect with during your speech.
5. Remember, we’re all in this together, and no one wants to see you fail.