“Wednesday” – Original Font Information and Download

Here is another wonderful font that was designed by a very talented member of my 2019 Typography class. “Wednesday” is a fun, hand-rendered typeface that’s great for whimsical applications like greeting cards, ad headlines, branding, or signage. I’d love to hear about it if you use Wednesday for a project! (@techdeterminist on Twitter or comment below)

You can find the download option below the images.


My entrée into the world of type design and font creation

This week, I began working through preparations for my Autumn semester classes, one of which is Typography.  I’m very excited to teach this course, as I haven’t done it in white a while… though it’s also a bit nerve wracking because I feel a bit rusty on all the technicals.

One project that I will work on this coming term is the creation of a custom font.  I’m still working through all of the details, and I welcome any suggestions you might have for implementing such a project.  I believe that this project (and several accompanying projects) will help students develop a serious, hands-on grasp of not only type as an art form, but type as a technical process as well. Continue reading